Cyanotypes and gum bichromates on paper

This year I started working on an ensemble called Sneaker which was originally shot in Iceland during a residency. A common belief in the local folklore is that “hidden people” (Huldufólk) live in the rock formations. The works are based on photographs I took of the “new land” during my travels around the island. 

My working process comments on the definition of a photograph. The works are distorted landscapes that have been printed on paper and fabric using traditional printmaking techniques. They are montaged from digital photographs, printed as digital negatives on film and finally finished by hand to make prints exposed in ultra-violet light.


Cyanotypes on paper and silk

My recent body of work is a lens-based investigation of scenery and natural phenomena. Hover, float (2017) is an interpretation of tidal waves; it’s a depiction of water, the Moon, and these magnetic pushes and pulls.