In my series “Trace,” my aim is to uncover different traces of memory; those expressing emotions, places or people. The process starts from daily life, by hearing, seeing, reading or experiencing the things that draw my attention. I like to think of my images as poems, made from a deeply personal point of view in order to understand universal feelings.

I use different layers of poetic forms to create my rhythms—from free verse to storytelling. For me, it is important to create a specific language for each of my stories. Within this work, I’m using both cyanotype and digital collage to combine archival materials and staged photographs. The archives range from old family albums to mobile snapshots. Although my starting points are notes from daily life, it is the power of the imagination that allows this work to touch upon universal experiences.

The main themes in my work are perishability and invisibility, combined with a critical look at the everyday habits that usually go unquestioned. At the same time, I want to tell stories that are clearly separate from our day to day reality. My use of the color blue is something that I can’t date exactly but is essential to the feeling of the work.


My father once told me that my world is like a black and white image, but I guess my heart has found it’s own colours.

I began my Just Small Hiccups story after I moved back to my childhood home with my own family. I photographed the feelings that arose in the house full of memories, with it´s garden and the nearby forest. This photographic story is a poem, made from a deeply personal point of view, however portraying the universal feelings to understand life. With the pictures and texts it addresses growing up, how we see ourselves and each other in a family.

I believe in God, but who believes in me?