Acrylic and ink / mixed technique
on canvas / board

Through the movement with which Anu Eskelin applies paint to the canvas, she consciously lets herself be led into the depth of oblivion, into the realm of the subconscious. Memories emerge, want to surface along with her. These are traces of landscapes, figures and architectural fragments, which are revealed to us in the interaction of shapes forming and dissolving. It is a to and fro, a hesitant revealing and concealing of the emerging images.

Everything is destroyed, everything disintegrates, everything passes. Only the world remains. Only time continues. How old our world is! I move between two eternities. Wherever I look, everywhere the things that surround me remind me of the end of all things, and so I come to terms with the end that awaits me.
– Denis Diderot

With these paintings she draws our attention to our fleeting existence, to our transitory nature. But she also shows us the happiness with which we can move between two eternities. After all, life is movement.

Text: Sabine Kuehnle