Framed monotypes inspired by Brian Eno’s song The Ship


The Ship was from the willing land
The waves about it roll
And as aglow by powdered sand
We lift, we loot, we haul
The time is still
The sky is young
Drawn on towards the goal
And we are as the undescribed
To take and lose control
Oh hallelujah, pray for me,
the man who turned away.
My desert in a grain of sand.
My life within a day.
So smooth the stones that count the tides,
the piper plays a reed.
But we are as the undefined,
breaking of the wing.
When pray with time at memory day
And pray the tie told
The sail is down the wind is gone
The sky is blessed with growth
The slave to host a pistody
Illusion of control
And we are as the unrefined
The wake about to roll