Landscapes series is based on pictures taken during a summer holiday in the summer of 2014 on a film camera. My role has been to be the subject of observation that has rose a number of interesting questions about shared experience, memories and remembrance, and, of course, borrowing and holding, at what stage will the photos become the raw material and property of the artist.


The works are combined with a collage-kind-of image-thinking, combining non-interconnected elements on the same platform – in this case painting on canvas or drawing on paper. I have been particularly inspired by Dick Bengtsson’s work; in addition to the semiotic twilight, also the black background has been directly adopted from him.

With semiotic obscurity, I mean a kind of juxtaposition where signs – in this case, the flat rainbow and the youth – can be interpreted according to one’s free will. The symbolism gives new meanings to things or destroys them whether one chooses to see the negative or the positive side of situations. I am relatively reluctant to give direct explanations. The solution can be found in the underlying atmosphere and the nature of the rainbow – whether one sees it transcendental or looming.