The multi-part wall work consists of plates, bowls and cups of various sizes. The finishing ranges from glossy metallic glazing to rusty broken surfaces. The colour shades vary from burnt ocher close to black graphite. Some of the vessels have ceramic pearls attached to them.

The artwork was born from the idea of ​​what everyday hunger means for each of us. For one, it is a concrete shortage of food, and for other, a constant desire for new commodities.

Many of us may have beads on a gold plate without seeing it, and rather we want and hoard some more – goods, travels, clothes and cars, more money, more power.

The rusty-looking plates of the work show a real shortage of good life. Health, nutrition, education and home, security, peace and nearness of other are things that import in life and a lack of them makes life poor and unpleasant.

With this work, I want to draw attention to the inequality of welfare distributed on Earth.


The idea of this work crystallized in the gift for my goddaughter: I wrote to her, now that the appetizers of his life have been enjoyed, it is time to move to the main course, from the school world to the adult life.

This work, like Our Everyday Hunger, symbolizes life through food dishes. Appetizers could be seen as different layers and phases in our lives.


The work of a hundred ceramic, wall-mounted pieces was born from the idea that I was working for a recent theme in Finland: the celebration 100 years of independence.

The impression is quite heavy and visually slightly clumsy and angular. However, the pieces are lightened in the hues of white, pink, pale yellow mixed with dark metal.

While designing the pieces, a thought popped in my mind: that we Finns are actually like this – clumsy, angular and somewhat silent, but on the other hand charming and delicate, different in colour and shape.