Dialogue is an exhibition consisting of mobiles and stabiles made of free-blown glass and hand-worked brass. The ethereal pieces are a revival of the mobile tradition that emerged in the 1930s. This exhibition addresses corporeality and places the person moving in the exhibition space in a relationship with the delicate works. The heavy glass parts and the delicate brass seek a balance with each other, thus creating tensions within the works.

I want to stress development that is achieved by failing, experimenting and playing. I think today’s world, being based on perfection and mass production, has lost something essential. Flaws bring humanity and warmth to objects.

Artist: Milla Vaahtera
Glass blowing: Sani Lappalainen, Pauli Vähäsarja, Jonas Paajanen, Henni Eliala & Paula Pääkkönen
Brass work: Kirsi Kokkonen & Milla Vaahtera
Exhibition architecture: Anni Avela & Sia Furman
Curator: Suvi Saloniemi
Exhibition in Design Museum Gallery 7.9.- 28.10.2018