”I am interested in the many ways glass is on the border of existence. Just because it is fragile, there is a constant risk of breaking, ceasing to exist.”
Renata Jakowleff

Photos © Katja Hagelstam

Renata Jakowleff focuses on diverse language of glass since more than ten years and creates work that expresses emotions through associations aroused by the material.

I often see myself not so much as a creator, but rather as a director of my material, or even as its assistant. I follow and document the formative tendencies of the media and refine them to art objects.

In her recent work, Jakowleff seems to be shifting from sculptural objects towards painterly direction, creating artwork that focuses on the optical qualities of glass.

At the moment, I am tempted to underline the immaterial qualities of glass, yet still letting the diverse and often contradictory associations of the material arise on my palette.