Oak, glass mirror, textile fringes

Do you remember the old fabric lamp shades with fringe edges? I love how they evoke the urge to run your finger through the rim. In these pieces I was exploring materials that invite you to touch them.


Two different size terracotta vases that can be compiled in many ways.

Size: S 17x22cm / M 22x25cm

I am interested in the blurred line between art and design. I create one-off unique pieces that fall in between the two. I put a little extra love and thought in these art-with-a-function pieces. I want to evoke people with questions, make them happy and find insightful solutions.


Materials: natural stones, steel, brass

By putting an energy stone in the middle of a table I wanted to explore my own approach to the healing stones. My feelings are a bit torn and even ironic. I’m not sure if I believe in the healing powers of the stones but then again I can’t say with 100% certainty that they don’t work.

Photo credits: Maija Astikainen