Dossiers ~ Dossier of Osmosis

Glass, fluorescent lights, acetic acid, tartaric acid, yeast, copper sulphate, water, pulverised seaweed, raw silk, multivitamins, sodium bicarbonate, lichens, hydrogen carbonate, hydrogen peroxide, and printed office paper


Tuomas Aleksander Laitinen´s current work and research focuses on the entanglements of human and non-human coexistence. Laitinen constructs situations and installations that are exploring the porous interconnectedness of language, body, and matter within morphing ecosystems.

In my recent works, I’ve been using the concept of porosity as a kind of counter-argument against binary thinking, where things are typically put into clearly defined categories. I’m interested in how things and their relationships can be treated so that they freely flow and filter into each other, thus building entanglements between different topics and substances.